We only offer the best. Our plates are solid titanium and manufactured in Japan for long lasting adherence of the plate coating and outstanding ionization. We have two plate sizes that both offer exceptional pH and ORP production that you can trust. If big is important to you, go with the M.A.X which has the largest electrode plates in the industry.   Drink with confidence. We used the best conductors known to man with a unique formula of high-grade platinum clan to generously coat our solid titanium plates. Our double dip and bake technology with quality and stress tests ensure that every plate is coated perfectly every time. Independent lab testing has shown our plates to be 99.9% pure with no detectable levels leaching into your water.   Water flow rate is an important factor of quality ionization and production capacity. Chanson Ionizers can produce quality alkaline water and acidic water quickly. Stronger ionization can be achieved by slowing down the flow or if you are in an area with source water problems choose our nutritious Himalayan rock salt for disinfecting acid water. We sell it by the pound for a fraction of what you would pay in a health food store.    
  Ionized water often helps people think better, feel better, and even sleep better along with many other benefits. But with the Miracle M.A.X. you can make your own inexpensive energy drink by adding a small amount of nutritious Himalayan rock salt to your special ionizer port. Most ionizers would burn up from that so donít try it with any other brand.   By using the simple touch-pad technology we eliminated the need for buttons which can hold dust and grease. Our touch screen panel makes your water ionizer last much longer while making it easier to produce the water you want.   The voice prompts will confirm the settings as you change them in real-time, ensuring you are producing the water you want. It even warns when you accidentally run hot water, need to increase the water flow and change your filter. And you can adjust the volume up, down or even off.    
  To ensure maximum performance and long ionizer life, cleaning of the inside components is critical. Chansonís exclusive automatic self-cleaning and anti-scale system remove particles and build-ups on the plates. It also drains off any excess of water left inside after every use to prevent any plate damage.   Chanson Waters innovation offers the best advantages of SMPS and transformer power supplies. Choose the Miracle or VS-70 transformer or the Miracle M.A.X. for SMPS. Chanson intelligently calculates several ionization factors like your TDS, and then delivers highly stable and fast responding power. You never have to worry about overheating.   Until now chemical solutions were used to produce strong water. Refilling them can be costly and inconvenient, but more importantly solutions can damage the plates. Our non toxic engineering lets you enjoy unlimited amounts of disinfecting water at extreme pH.    
       Reap the Benefits            
  You watch the calories you intake. When it comes to water, you want to know exactly what you are drinking too. Chansonís specially designed sensors allows you to choose your pH with dozens of micro settings and adjustable TDS. Why settle for a 9.5 when you could choose 9.1, 9.7 or multiple other more exact options for your health.   The Chanson Miracle was 3rd party lab tested to be able to produce strong acid water able to kill e-coli and staph on contact! AND the FDA has said that acid water is even safe to spray on food! All water ionizer performance is affected by source water. If you have difficult source water, choose the Miracle M.A.X. which can produce strong waters 100% of the time even with poor source water.   Chanson water ionizers are healthy for your body, your budget and the environment. They quickly pay for themselves with your savings when you switch from expensive bottled water and many of your skin care and household cleaning solutions. Itís easy to help heal your body and the environment with a Chanson water ionizer.    
      Protection Plus            
  Not all water sources are the same. Thatís why we customize your filters and pre-filters according to your well or city water. Choose between our ultra .01 micron anti-bacterial filter with no clogging technology and other state of the art multi-stage pre-filters, or our Nanofilter, a modified reverse osmosis filter that leaves the minerals in and the traditional disadvantages of RO out. We donít condense the toxins and drive them deeper into your cells, we remove them.   When mineral scale builds up between the plates, this can significantly reduce the ionization performance of any ionizer and damage the plates. You can even see the white build up in your glass of water.    
     Trust & Commitment            
  We are the original water ionizer experts and have taken apart and tested more brands than anyone. We are educators. Bring us your ionizer myth and we will tell you the truth. More wattage means older technology. Bigger plates means faster flow rate. Don't get suckered by marketing hype. We tell it like it is.   Each unit lovingly assembled by hand and tested at 29 quality control points.   We remove your tap waters contaminates and then replace the memory of them with our exclusively treated plates. We imprint Health, Love, Joy, Gratitude, Peace and Blessing on your waters memory with Chanson's proprietary process as the last step before the water hits your glass.    
      After-sales service: We're with you for life!        
  We want you to enjoy your Chanson water ionizer and rest assured that tomorrow your machine will function exactly how it functioned today. Therefore, all of our 7 plate ionizers are covered with our deluxe lifetime warranty and our more economical 5 plate ionizer is covered for a full three years.   Accidents such as dropping your unit or running hot water through it may happen. In case you break it, weíll fix it. No worries. With our optional accidental damage plan, your watr ionizer is fully covered. We will repair any damage occurred and get your unit back to you in no time.   Installing Chanson Water Ionizer is very simple, almost like hooking up a garden hose. Every ionizer comes with an installation dvd with complete instructions, so you can be up and running in minutes. We want you to start enjoying your ionizer right away.    
  Chanson Water is a true original equipment manufacturer not a parts assembler   Chanson Water Dealers Program    
  We conform to CE, CSA, ISO, NSF, WQA, RoHS, Special Patents and Quality Report to meet worldwide market regulations   Look for the Chanson Water Authorized Dealer Seal when purchasing Chanson Water products. The seal is used as a way to ensure that you will be covered by Chanson Warranty when purchasing online.    



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